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123 HP AMP 100 Printer Troubleshooting

While Setting up and Working with 123 HP AMP 100 Printer, you can face some issue. To get rid of these issues you have to resolve them by troubleshooting. Download 123 HP Scan and Doctor App from amp100, for troubleshooting the issues.

You can get Best and Easy Guidelines for Troubleshooting all types of 123 HP AMP 100 Printer issues like Printing, Scanning Downloading Software Driver and also Initial Setting Up Issues.

If you are facing the 123 HP AMP 100 Printer issues regularly while working and you can’t able to resolve them, then visit amp100 for Guidance to Troubleshoot the issues.

123 hp amp 100 printer setup


Troubleshooting HP AMP 100 Printer Cartridge Issues

If 123 HP AMP 100 Printer is having the Cartridge issue, for that Check the ink
alert light and the Corresponding ink level icon. For Resolving
The Cartridges issues follow the below instructions.

123 hp amp 100 ink cartridges issues

  • Initially, Check that the Power is On in printer.
  • Now, Open the Access door you can see that the print carriage will move towards center.
  • Then, hold the tricolor cartridge first and remove it gently.
  • After that hold black color cartridge and remove it also gently.
  • Now, hold the Cartridge by its sides with bottom pointing up and locate electrical contacts.
  • Take a lint free Cloth and wipe the Electrical Contacts that present at bottom of both the amp 100 Cartridges.
  • After that locate contacts inside the AMP 100 Printer and wipe them with dry lint free cloth.
  • Again re-install the Ink Cartridges respective their place and close the Access door.
  • Check if any error message displays on Control Panel of 123 HP AMP 100 Printer.
  • If anything occur still, Check the Cartridge and Replace it with New One.

How to Avoid paper jams in HP AMP 100 Printer?

Paper jam issue is Common in every HP AMP 100 Printer. This issue is due to
paper folding, if any torn pieces inside the tray etc. This can be
avoid by following the instruction below.

  • Be sure, that paper that you feed in input tray is not overfill.
  • If it is overfill, remove some of the papers from the tray.
  • Frequently remove the Printed and used papers from 123 HP AMP 100 Printer Output tray.
  • Be sure that the Paper you had feed doesn’t bend or torn.
  • And also see that there are no pieces of torn paper.
  • While feeding see that the papers are of same size and same type.
  • Adjust paper slider in the input tray of AMP 100 Printer to fit against all papers.
  • Don’t add the paper while HP AMP 100 Printer is Working.
  • Don’t feed different types of papers and different size of paper in the input tray.

123 hp amp 100 paper jam issue


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Instructions for AMP 100 Wi-Fi Direct Troubleshooting

  • Make sure, that the Wi-Fi Direct icon on the HP AMP 100 Printer is Turned On.
  • If it is turned of press and hold the power button for few seconds and then press and hold wireless button.
  • Now, from your System or Mobile Device Turn On the Wi-Fi Connection.
  • And then Search Wi-Fi Direct name of HP AMP 100 Printer.
  • For Manual Settings of Wi-Fi Direction Security for HP AMP 100 Printer, follow the below instructions.
  • Be sure, you had enter the Wi-Fi password Correctly, when it is prompted to enter.
  • If the Wi-Fi icon light blinks information light, then press information button within one minute before time out.
  • Make sure, that the Devices that had Connected to Wi-Fi Direct is not more than five.

Instructions for AMP 100 Printer Wireless Troubleshooting

  • Initially, go to Control panel of 123 HP AMP 100 Printer and tap on the wireless icon.
  • Then tap on the Setup icon and click on Restore Network Defaults or Restore Network Settings option.
  • After that Click on the YES button and then go to back Wireless Settings → Wireless Setup Wizard and tap on it.
  • Now you can see a list of wireless network list, choose your Network and Click on it.
  • If your Wireless network Not appear in the list then manually you have to Enter your Wireless Network Name.
  • After that Enter the WEP or WAP key and click on the Done button.
  • If you still persists problem while Connecting 123 HP AMP 100 Printer Wirelessly, go through for troubleshoot it.
How to Fix 123 HP AMP 100 Ethernet Connection issue?

You can Connect 123 HP AMP 100 Printer by using Ethernet Connection. While
Connecting HP AMP 100 Printer using Ethernet Connection, if you are not
able to connect then follow the below instructions for fixing issue.

123 hp amp 100 ethernet issue

  • Primarily, Disconnect Ethernet cable from HP AMP 100 Printer and again Reconnect it.
  • Before Reconnecting, Turn Off Printer.
  • After that, look there is any Damage on the cable and See that you are having Ethernet cable not a Phone cables.
  • Because Phone Cables and Ethernet Cables are Similar while seeing.
  • After that Connect the Ethernet cable on the Router and Connect other end to AMP 100 Printer.
  • Now, Turn on 123 HP AMP 100 Printer for establishing a Connection.
  • After that Print a Network Configuration Page. For that Go to Control Panel of AMP 100 Printer.
  • Then Go to Wireless → Network Settings → Setup option.
  • Finally, you can see that a Connection established between 123 HP AMP 100 Printer and the Router.
  • If your persists any problem while establishing Connection the go through troubleshoot for fixing.
How To Reset 123 HP AMP 100 Printer in Mac OS?

If 123 HP AMP 100 Printer not discovered while installing HP AMP 100 Software Driver,
Then reset 123 HP AMP 100 Printer. For resetting 123 HP AMP 100 Printer
Follow the below mentioned easy and simple Instructions.

  • For Resetting 123 HP AMP 100 Printer, Go to Apple Menu.
  • After that go to System Preferences and Click on it.
  • Then, Go to Print & Fax Option, Print & Scan or else Printer & Scanner option.
  • After that Right Click on HP AMP 100 Printer and Click on Reset Printing System option.
  • Now Click on the reset option in the Confirmation Window.
  • Before doing the above steps see that you had logged in as Administrator on your PC.
  • Finally, Click on the Reset Option for completing AMP 100 Printer Reset.
  • After that, Enter the Administrator password if prompted and then Click OK button.

123 hp amp 100 printer reset


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