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123 HP Deskjet 4729 Troubleshooting

123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer Troubleshooting tips will help HP Users to Resolve Printer issues. And also, Here we provide tips for HP Deskjet 4729 printer issues that was Commonly faced by Users.

123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer is also a Multi-functional Printer that can Scan, print, Copy & Fax either Documents or Images. Deskjet 4729 Printer Scanning, Copying and also Faxing Issues may Occur.

123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer issues may occur while working with it. You have to Resolve those issues by troubleshooting them. Here, We provide Simple and Basic steps to Resolve them.

123 hp deskjet 4729 printer setup


Troubleshoot HP Deskjet 4729 Printing Issues in Windows

123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer can raises some issues while working with Windows Operating
System. And also While Connecting HP DJ4729 Printer with Windows PC Users
can face Offline issue. Follow the Instructions below for fixing.

123 hp deskjet 4729 windows printing issues

  • Be sure, that 123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer is Turned On and that there is paper in the input tray. If, you are still unable to print, Follow steps.
  • Check whether any error message is displaying from HP DJ 4729 printer Software and Resolve them by utilizing the On screen Instructions.
  • And also Check whether HP Deskjet printer had connected with firm network Connection or not.
  • See that the DJ4729 Printer is in Offline, if it is in Offline then make it Online.
  • And also see that the Printer is Set as default printer. Then, Restart the Print Spooler.
  • After that, Restart 123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer and Clear the Print Queue.
  • And improve the quality of HP Deskjet 4729 Printer by checking that the paper loaded is matched or not.
  • From the media option click the paper and click on the quality settings from the drop down list.
  • And also check the ink level in the ink cartridges.
  • If there is low ink, then refill ink into the cartridges and also clean Cartridges with lint free cloth.
  • Now try to Print the Document.

Troubleshoot Printing issues of DJ 4729 in Mac OS

While Printing with 123 HP Deskjet 4729, HP Users may face Issue. For Troubleshooting
123 HP DJ4729 Printing issues, Follow the Instructions that are Displaying
at below. And also refer 4729 for resolving.

  • Same as in the Windows, you may face the printing issues while working with HP DJ 4729 Printer when connecting with Mac OS.
  • To Resolve these Printing issues follow the below instructions.
  • Initially, Check for error message on the 123 HP DJ 4729 Printer Software.
  • Disconnect the network connection and reconnect with HP DJ 4729 Printer.
  • See that the DJ 4729 Printer is not in Offline.
  • For that, Go to System Preferences, Click Printers & Scanners option.
  • Click the Open Print Queue button.
  • Use Delete, Hold, Resume and also pause Printer option to select a Print Job.
  • If you made any change in Print Settings, then Print again.
  • Finally, Restart HP Deskjet 4729 Printer again and try to Print.
  • Be sure, that you had installed original HP Cartridges and also check the paper type that you had loaded.
  • See the Ink level in the Cartridges, if the ink is running out then refill it.
  • Then, Align Print Head and Test a Document for Printing.
  • If any issue occur, Clean the print head and Print a test page again.

123 hp deskjet 4729 mac printing issue


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123 HP Deskjet 4729 Copy Issue Troubleshoot

  • First, See that the 123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer Control Panel and your Computer Screen whether the lights are blinking or not.
  • If HP Deskjet 4729 Printer is working or performing another task, then Copy job will be delayed until it was over.
  • Make Sure, that the power cord is firmly Connected to back of HP DJ 4729 Printer and Plugged into a power outlet.
  • And load the paper properly into the input tray.
  • After that, Press either black copy button or else color copy button depend on your job.
  • You can increase the Number of Copies. Now, place the Document on the DJ4729 Scanner Glass.
  • After Scanning the Document on HP Deskjet 4729 will Copy the Document.

123 HP Deskjet 4729 Scan Issue Troubleshoot

  • If you are facing any issue while Scanning a Document, follow the below instructions.
  • Firstly see that HP DJ 4729 Printer is doing other job or else idle.
  • If the Deskjet 4729 Printer is doing another work, then your Scan Job will become late.
  • After that, Load the Document that which you want to Scan.
  • Load the original print side up, fully justified to the right side of the scanner, until it feeds into the scan path and scan lights turns on.
  • Then, Download HP Deskjet 4729 Driver for Scanner from, for proper functioning of Scanner.
  • And, Open HP Printer Assistant and Click on Scan a Document or Photo option.
  • Then, tap on Scan Option and choose either Scan as PDF or else Scan as JPEG.
How to Troubleshoot HP Deskjet 4729 Printer Paper Feeding issue?

While loading the paper into the input tray of HP Deskjet 4729 Printer. You have to
resolve the issues. You may occur the issues while feeding the paper into the
input tray of 123 HP DJ 4729 printer. For resolving see below:

123 hp deskjet 4729 paper feeding issues

Paper is not Picking from input tray of HP DJ 4729

  • Be sure, that the paper is loaded into the input tray of HP DJ 4729 printer.
  • Then, Adjust the paper guide in input tray after loading the paper.
  • Be sure that while adjusting the paper guide see it is not effecting the paper, that the paper is not bent.
  • Make sure, that the input tray inside HP DJ 4729 Printer is not curled.
  • Uncurl the paper to its opposite side direction of the curl.

Numerous pages are being picked up in DJ 4729

  • Adjust the paper width guide in the input tray to fit snugly against all paper.
  • Be sure, that the DJ4729 Printer input tray is not overloaded.
  • And also see that there is no pieces of torn paper.
  • See that two papers are not stick together, if sticking then remove it from tray.
  • Utilize HP paper for Optimum performance and efficiency.
How to avoid Paper Jams in HP Deskjet 4729 printer?

Normally, Paper gets jammed in certain places inside HP Deskjet 4729 Printer, that may
be in Ink cartridges, Carriage and also has Input & Output trays. By following
below instructions you can avoid paper jam in DJ4729 Printer.

  • Load the paper into the Input tray of 123 HP Deskjet 4729 Printer carefully.
  • Don't over fill the input tray and see that there is no torn paper.
  • Frequently, you have to remove the Printer papers from the output tray of DJ4729 Printer.
  • Be sure, that the papers that which you had loaded while dj4729, that the edges of the Papers are not bend or torn.
  • Don't combine different paper types and paper sizes in the input tray.
  • The paper type and paper size should be same.
  • Adjust the Paper-width guide in the input tray.
  • Don't Add Paper while HP Deskjet 4729 Printer is Printing.

123 hp deskjet 4729 paper jam


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