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123 HP Officejet 4620 Troubleshooting

123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer Troubleshooting helps in resolving Setup issues. You have to Troubleshoot those issue to resolve and to work with HP Officejet 4620 Printer properly. Fixing the OJ4620 Issues Improves Printer Performance.

Here, you can get troubleshoot all your HP OJ 4620 Printer issues easily. 123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer can get issue like Printer is in Offline, Paper Jam, Ink Cartridge Problem etc..,

One has to troubleshoot all the problems for proper functioning of 123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer. With the Best Guidance you can resolve HP OJ4620 Printer Technical issues by yourself.

123 hp officejet 4620 printer setup


Resolving HP Officejet 4620 Printer Offline Issue

While Working with 123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer you may see that the Printer is in Offline
This cause interruption in work. So you have to resolve this issue;
For that follow the below instructions.

123 hp officejet 4620 printer offline

  • Initially, Download the HP Scan and Print Doctor and Save it in your System.
  • Then, Double click on the ".exe" file and tap Run option.
  • Now the installation process of HP Scan and Print Doctor Initiates.
  • Then, Follow the instructions that are displaying on the screen for completing the installation process.
  • Now, Choose HP OJ 4620 Printer from there.
  • If HP OJ4620 Printer is not found in the list then, click Retry.
  • Now see whether OJ4620 Printer and system is having the Firm connection.
  • If not make a firm connection.
  • After that connect 123 HP Officejet 4620 Wireless Network and setup.

Resolving HP Officejet 4620 Printer Paper Jam issue

When you are Printing the Documents or Images using HP OJ 4620 Printer, sometimes the paper
may crushed and gets jammed inside the printer. For proper printing you need
to remove the Jammed Paper and you have to resolve this issue.

  • Paper Jam issue is the major issue that occurs in each and every printer.
  • To resolve this, Initial step is see that no paper is damaged in the stack of paper and then place it into the tray.
  • If any paper gets damage or torn, Remove that paper from the stack of papers.
  • Paper can get jammed at many places in HP OJ 4620 Printer.
  • First open the cartridges door and see that if any paper get jammed there.
  • If there is jammed remove the paper gently by holding with hands.
  • Again See the Carriage, if any paper gets jammed there. If any paper is there remove it gently.
  • And again drag the Input tray and Output tray of HP OJ 4620 Printer and Remove any paper gets jammed there.
  • After that see that there is no pieces of torn paper, If there remove them.
  • Then, Close all the doors and test for print.

123 hp officejet 4620 paper jam issues


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123 HP Officejet 4620 Printing issues oj4620 can get issue while Printing Documents like Printing blank pages,
not Printing with Color, Paper cannot Feed Automatically etc.,.
See below to resolve these issues.

123 HP Officejet 4620 Printing blank pages

  • If 123 HP Officejet 4620 printer Prints blank page, Then resolve that issue by following the below steps.
  • Initially, Install Genuine Ink Cartridge.
  • And also don't use Crashed or crumpled pages for printing.
  • Now go to the printing properties and find the gray scale settings.
  • And now go to HP OJ 4620 Printer Control Panel, select Setup icon and choose Clean Page Smears.
  • And also see that there is ink in the Ink cartridges if not fill them.
  • Now test for print to know whether it was printing properly.

123 HP Officejet 4620 won't Print in color

  • Sometimes, if 123 HP Officejet 4620 Software Setup fails; There may be issue while Printing documents.
  • If HP Officejet 4620 Printer is not printing Color Documents follow the below steps.
  • Firstly check whether the Color Cartridges is having the Ink or not, if not fill it with Color.
  • Test for Print now, if problem persists Go to next step.
  • Go to Properties → Advance properties → Gray Scale Setting.
  • Now off the Gray Scale setting if it is enable.
  • And finally test for print.
123 HP Officejet 4620 Ink cartridges issues Troubleshooting

If you are Printing with 123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer, you may face issue that the Ink cartridges is running out.
if any issue regarding the cartridge, then it displays on the Control panel of HP OJ 4620 Printer.
Resolve those Cartridges issues by utilizing below instructions.

123 hp officejet 4620 ink cartridges issues

  • Initially, while installing ink cartridges in to 123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer, Remove the tapes present on it.
  • While removing the tape, be sure that you don't touch the electrical contacts.
  • Install the Cartridge until it gets lock. Then Start print, and see if any problem persists.
  • Go and open the Ink cartridges door and gently remove the Cartridges from their place.
  • Hold the Cartridge gently, and wipe the contacts with a damp lint-free cloth.
  • Then, Clean the Contacts that present inside HP OJ 4620 Printer.
  • Now, Re-install the ink cartridges into OJ 4620 Printer.
  • And Close the Access door and verify any error message occurs in Control panel of Printer.
  • if the problem still persists, Turn Off 123 HP OJ 4620 Printer and Turn On it.
  • If you are facing problem again replace the error cartridge with new one.
123 HP Officejet 4620 Printer Print Head Issues

If HP Officejet 4620 Ink cartridge is not compatible with it then an error arises.
To resolve this print head issue follow the below
Instructions and Resolve it carefully.

  • For this initially, You have to use genuine HP Ink Cartridge.
  • In Some cases, by Turning Off HP OJ 4620 Printer the Problem may Resolve.
  • But most of the cases you have to follow the below steps to resolve.
  • First open the HP OJ4620 Access door and remove the cartridges.
  • Place the Cartridges gently on a paper.
  • Then, By taking a lint free cloth wipe the electrical contacts of Ink Cartridge.
  • Repeat and clean each and every Cartridge.
  • Slightly dampen a lint free swab. Then wipe any accumulated ink on the copper colored on the HP OJ4620 print head.
  • Then, wipe the electrical contacts from inside the print head.
  • Now, Reinstall the cartridges by holding in its place until they gets locked.
  • After that, Close the access door and see that if any error message occur on the Control panel.

123 hp officejet 4620 print head issues


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