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123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Setup

The 123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless printers will allow to Print to the printer from any computer on your network. It also prints wirelessly by connecting HP Photosmart c4500 printer with iOS or Android Device.

The Process of Connecting HP Photosmart c4500 Printer usually requires a little more configuring. For Detailed Configuring, go through c4500 and Configure easily.

Now the following Instructions helps in Installation and Wireless Setup of 123 HP Photosmart c4500 Printer are briefly discussed below. Further visit for instant information.

123 hp photosmart c4500 printer setup


123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Setup - Windows

123 HP Photosmart c4500 Printer Setup can be Done easily just by Connecting to your
PC using Wireless Connection. 123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Setup for
Windows can be Done easily by following the below instructions.

hp photosmart c4500 windows wireless setup

  • Once the power is on, select your desired language and load paper.
  • Then you will get into the main screen. On the screen you will get options like copy, scan, jobs, etc.
  • Just use your finger to scroll on the end of the list at the right side click setup, then scroll up to the bottom of the setup list and you will see network setup.
  • On the top of the menu, select the Wireless menu. Then select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to select your network . Once its connected, Add the HP Photosmart c4500 Printer to the PC.
  • Go to Devices and Printers and type Printers from the search bar. Then click Add Printer.
  • Then, You should search for HP Photosmart c4500 printer. Once the c4500 printer is appeared select the printer option.
  • Additionally, if it prompts for the Security Pin, Go back to the PSc4500 Printer it will be listed on the display. Then type into your system.
  • Select continue for installation process. Do visit printer setup for further clarification.
  • Finally the HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Setup connection has been Successfully Completed.

123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Setup On Mac

123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Setup on Mac helps users to configure printer
with Mac System easily and gets print easily. For c4500
printer wirelessly for Mac System follow the below instructions.

  • For installing a wireless network connection on HP Photosmart c4500 Printers on Mac, Navigate to for the setup.
  • Click Download to start to your Mac and then open the file. If a security prompt appears, click OK.
  • Review the Agreement and Settings and then Click the Checkbox to Agree to the Terms. Click Continue.
  • Verify whether your Mac is connected to the Wireless Network in which you want to Connect the HP Photosmart c4500 printer.
  • Moreover, Restore the Default Wireless Settings on HP PSc4500 Printer, if the Printer is previously Connected to a different network.
  • For Resetting the Wireless Settings for the printer, visit for further clarification.
  • Click Continue and select the c4500 printer which is Detected.
  • Go to to Download the Latest Version of HP Photosmart c4500 printers.
  • Verify the Wireless Network listed or click the drop down menu and Select the Network. And click Join.
  • Then it will prompt you to allow access to the key chain. Click Allow to Configure the printer Automatically using the Network Settings stored on the Mac.

123 hp photosmart c4500 mac wireless setup

  • Then click Continue. Respond to the On Screen instructions to Install the HP Photosmart c4500 Wireless Network Setup.
  • If prompted, enter the security password. Click Continue after Installation.

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123 HP Photosmart c4500 Connect using USB

  • First Download and Install the Software for c4500 Printer.
  • Before installing the software, make sure that the software is compatible with the operating system of your PC or Laptop.
  • Choose the network type from the settings.
  • Click on Yes button.
  • Now send your wireless settings to HP Photosmart c4500 Printer and start the installation.
  • Connecting HP Photosmart c4500 Printer via USB cable connection.
  • First, Plug-in into HP Photosmart c4500 Printer to the power source outlet.
  • Switch ON HP Photosmart c4500 Printer.
  • Now connect the one end of the USB cable to the PC or Laptop and other and to c4500 Printer.
  • Now your computer operating system will detect the printer, Then Click On the PSc4500 Printer to Add Printer.
  • After connecting your printer via USB cable to your PC, Check Whether HP Photosmart c4500 Printer is ready to print, scan, copy and fax.

123 HP Photosmart c4500 Auto Wireless Connect

  • Ensure that your wireless network is working properly, and HP Photosmart c4500 Printer and PC had connected over same network.
  • The 123 HP Photosmart c4500 All-in-One Printer series can be connected with OS versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP, Mac OS etc.
  • When you try to connect to your c4500 Printer, you will be prompted to enter the network name and wireless network password.
  • The wireless network name is the SSID. Setting up a wireless password will avoid other people to connect to your network.
  • Depending on the safety measures you can use WPA and WEP key.
  • If you forget the network password, then check the back side of the wireless router.
  • You can also check the certification provided with the computer or the Wireless Network Router.

hp photosmart c4500 wi-fi network install

  • Initially, check whether the system is connected to the network .
  • Before the system connectivity, there is a product update on the PSc4500 printer's control panel to ensure that the HP Photosmart c4500 printer has the up-to-date functionality.
  • To initialize the update, click the button at the lower left corner of the control panel and select the right arrow button to select the preference, and select ok.
123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wi-Fi Network Installation
  • Select the right arrow button for product updates . Click OK and Start Downloading.
  • Web Services must be enabled on HP Photosmart c4500 printer to get Connected. Touch the button at the left from of c4500 printer's control panel to bring up the setup menu.
  • Select the right arrow button until the Wireless is displayed. Then click OK.
  • Click the right arrow button to select Web Services Settings, then click OK.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions for the usage and click OK.
  • The Web Services information page will be printed within few minutes. Then Save the information sheet.
  • When you Register, then you can print documents from any web connected device and receive printer alerts.
  • Open the browser from your system from to get connected.
  • A screen welcoming to HP connect will appear. Click OK. On the top of the page Click devices and Add a Device.
  • Find printers claim code from the previously printed web services sheet and type printers claim code in the text box.
  • The prompt will appear that "You have successfully added to the printer".
  • Additionally, for Troubleshooting c4500 issues visit and get fix those issues.
123 HP Photosmart c4500 Wi-Fi Protected Setup

123 HP Photosmart c4500 printer can be Connected using different Wireless methods. One
of Wireless Connection method is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Wi-Fi Protected Setup
can be Done in two ways that is either Push button or PIN Method.

  • Initially, turn on HP Photosmart c4500 printer and your PC.
  • And Connect your PC and 123 HP Photosmart c4500 Printer over same wireless network.
  • For that, Quickly Connect Photosmart c4500 printer to Wireless Network using WPS Push button method.
  • Before Connecting See that HP Photosmart c4500 Printer Supports WPS push Button and your router also supports Push-button or not.
  • And also you should have Knowledge of your Wireless network SSID Name and WEP/WAP Key password.
  • You don't need a PC to Connect Printer to Network using WPS.
  • When you are install the software for HP Photosmart c4500 printer, Your PC prompts to Enter WAP Password.
  • Then, Choose the Cancel button.
  • Now you can see that your PC has detected Wi-Fi Direct feature of HP Photosmart c4500 Printer.
  • After that Press and Hold Wi-Fi button on the Printer.
  • If button not Presents on HP Photosmart c4500 Printer then go Control Panel of Printer.
  • After that tap on settings, then Scroll and go to Wi-Fi Protected Setup option and tap on it.

123 hp photosmart c4500 wireless protected setup

  • Then, Select WPS Push button method and Press WPS button that presents on the HP Phototsmart c4500 Printer.
  • After that wait for few minutes because it takes few minutes for establishing Connection.

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